”We still see a lot of corporates that use converters”

Rootliep, Bart 270x260Interview with Bart Rootliep,
Managing Director Financial Logistics for Large Corporates & Financial Institutions, Rabobank.

Beyond SEPA: problems for organizations

I think SEPA is really underestimated. Specially retailers dealing with direct debets have had a hugh impact. There has been a real reason for the delay of SEPA for six months. And I think we are still dealing with some problems. If I look at the reject percentage, so the percentage I look at, we are still not at levels we were in pre SEPA times.

Lessons Learned from SEPA

The mean lessons we have learned so far I think is the complexity for the whole value chain of regulators, banks, ERP’s, clients has been so much more complex than we first of all thought of is that the main lesson I have learned, is that the room for interpretation was too high and the coordination between all the stakeholders was too low.

Further Integrations of the European Payments Sector

Well, I think if we are able to set some clear rules if the coordination between stakeholders is adjusted positively and if we can succesfully discontinue the local formats and incentify SEPA payment formats, I think then there is a big opportunity and this opportunity also will lead to possibility’s on E-invoicing and other elements in maintaining the attractiveness and stimulating the attractiveness actually for Europe.

Next Step for the Corporates

Well, the next step for corperates is that we still see a lot of corporates that use converters. So our first step there is to really migrate their core systems. What I really think is that SEPA stimulates European cash and treasury centre’s, it stimulates chaired service centre’s and those factors stimulates payment-up and payment engine solutions. Where I still see some work to be done is also on the manual payment processing of, for example the Netherlands acceptgiro or in France for example the usage of cheques. I think that it’s still an area where development and work is needed and there is work to be done.

European Payments Platform

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