How can we encourage further integration of the European payments sector?

Alfing, Paul 270x260Paul Alfing:
For further integration it is crucial that systems and solutions are interoperable on a European scale. A good start for that is a uniform European protocol for mobile identification and authentication. This protocol should be used by parties on the supply and demand side in the market and this will support a true uniform cross-border market for mobile payments. And a proposal with concrete steps to harmonize the e-mandate.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJose-Carlos Cuevas de Miguel:
Up to know shaping the market solutions has been something under the EPC umbrella and it means banks (offer side) plus the European Authorities. Supply (it means Corporates that at the end of the day are the ones paying for the service, should be a player in the decision process as far as they are the best placed to explain what is needed and to say if the solution is acceptable.

Battistella, Massimo 270x260Massimo Battistella:
Eliminating exit and entry barriers among different countries that impede competition, such as different flavors or nuances in the Corporate to Bank space.
Reducing options in the SEPA payment schemes.
Further harmonizing the European legal and regulatory framework for e-payments and e-mandates.

Knegt de, Tim 270x260Tim de Knegt:
By showing the banking sector that their infrastructure is heavily outdated. We see that there are several solutions where you have visibility of incoming & outgoing payments in a manner of seconds. This should also be the case for corporate cash management infrastructure. Futhermore the stress that is put on corporates in terms of legal documentation and/or compliance is ridiculous. We all understand that this is a legal obligation, but it should be made easier on the customer. This will also create a competitive advantage.

Keulen van, Piet 270x260Piet van Keulen:
I think we are well underway. Great progress has been made. The industry is moving in the right direction. From my perspective we just have to let that happen. We will take advantage of new developments and opportunities where they make sense to us.

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